Hawk-Eye Live Comes to WTT

Posted on July 16, 2018

State-of-the-Art Line-Calling Technology Replaces Linesmen in All WTT Matches This Season

There will be no disputing the line calls in World TeamTennis this year. WTT debuted the electronic line-calling system Hawk-Eye Live in the league’s 43rd season opener last night.

“WTT has always embraced technology and innovation as a game-changer in the sport,” said WTT Commissioner Ilana Kloss. “This line-calling system is another way to move the sport forward and enhance the match experience for fans, players and viewers on”

Going forward, Hawk-Eye Live will make all on-court calls, supported by only two officials – the chair umpire and a review official in the Hawk-Eye booth to monitor foot faults. The real-time ball-tracking technology determines whether a shot is in or out immediately after it has landed.

With 43 matches over 22 days in six team markets, the utilization of Hawk-Eye Live is the most extensive implementation of electronic line-calling in tennis. Hawk-Eye statistical data and line-calling graphics has been incorporated into coverage on WTT’s new live streaming platform, presented by GEICO, and has also been integrated with the in-stadium LED screens, as well as WTT television broadcasts.

The automated line-calling technology is also expected to help streamline play, building on a trend with WTT matches. With the addition of coach’s timeouts in 2012 and the 25-second service clock in 2015, WTT match times have been reduced by approximately 30 minutes over the past five seasons.

Kastles head coach Murphy Jensen gave the technology his endorsement after last night’s win in New York.

“Hawk-Eye is a revolutionary move for World TeamTennis,” said Coach Murphy, and indicated it met with his approval.


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